Update of Brazilian Heat Flow Data, within the framework of a multiprong referencing system

  • Valiya Hamza
  • Fabio Vieira
  • Jorge Luiz dos Santos Gomes Universidade Federal dos Vales do Jequitinhonha e Mucuri https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1143-0001
  • Suze Guimaraes
  • Carlos Alexandrino
  • Antônio Gomes
Keywords: Heat Flow, Updated Data Set, Brazil, Multiprong Referencing


An updated heat-flow database for Brazil is presented providing details of measurements carried out at 406 sites. It has been organized as per the scheme proposed by the International Heat Flow Commission. The data sets refer to results obtained using methods referred to as interval temperature logs (ITL), underground mines (UMM), bottom-hole temperatures (BHT), stable bottom temperatures (SBT) and water wells (AQT). The compilation provides information on depths of temperature logs, gradient determinations, measurements of thermal conductivity and radiogenic heat production. Also included is information on the methods employed and error estimates of the main parameters. A new heat flow map of Brazil has been derived based on the updated data set. A multipronged system has been employed in citing references, where the indexing scheme adopted follows chronological order. It provides information not only on the primary work concerning heat flow determination but also later improvements in measurements of main parameters (temperature gradients, thermal conductivity and radiogenic heat production) as well as techniques employed in data analysis.