Heat flow variations in the Antarctic Continent

  • Suze Nei Pereira Guimarães Observatório Nacional
  • Fábio Pinto Vieira
  • Valiya Mannathal Hamza
Keywords: Terrestrial Heat Flow, Antarctic Continent


The present work provides a reappraisal of terrestrial heat flow variations in the Antarctic continent, based on recent advances in data analysis and regional assessments. The data considered include those reported at the website of IHFC and 78 additional sites where measurements have been made using a variety of techniques. These include values based on the Method of Magmatic Heat Budget (MHB) for 41 localities in areas of recent volcanic activity and estimates that rely on basal temperatures of glaciers in 372 localities that are known to host subglacial lakes. The total number of data assembled is 491, which has been useful in deriving a 10°x10° grid system of homogenized heat flow values and in deriving a new heat flow map of the Antarctic continent. The results reveal that the Antarctic Peninsula and western segment of the Antarctic continent has distinctly high heat flow relative to the eastern regions. The general pattern of differences in heat flow between eastern and western of Antarctic continent is in striking agreement with results based on seismic velocities.