The importance of Sanatorium-resort complexes for medical treatments in Azerbaijan

  • Sakhavat Salakhov The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of The Republic of Azerbaijan and National Geological Service, Candidate of Geological and Mineral Sciences
Keywords: Azerbaijan, Geology, Sanatoriums, Medical Treatments


Azerbaijan is a country rich in its subsoil and surface natural resources. There is a colorful hydrographic network in the Greater and Lesser Caucasus, and Kur lowland that separate them. Our republic with a very fascinating landscape is more beautiful in a river, lake, waterfall, spring and others. The Caspian Sea, high mountains and green forests are further beautifying the homeland. Among such beauties, sanatorium-resort complexes are more attractive. Thermal waters with temperatures of 72 C are used for treatment purposes in the territory of Shikhov, Baku city. These waters play a big role in the treatment of spinal, skin-venereal, wind and other diseases. Everyone may use thermal waters in Goran, Samukh, Gazanbulag, Tartar, Barda, Aghjabadi, Khachmaz, Lankaran, Astara, Masallı and other places for treatment purposes. Other territories of our republic also have sanatorium-resort complexes. So, waters used in Galaalti are being for treatment of kidney stones. There is a very important resort complex in the bosom of nature. In general, Azerbaijan is a country distinguished with its beautiful resort zones. Sanatorium hospitals which operate in these zones are well-known for treatment of cardiac, cardiovascular, nervous system, gastrointestinal, chronic and other diseases. In this regard, we welcome everyone from different countries of the world to the sanatorium-resort hospitals of our republic.