Memories of David S. Chapman (1929 –2023)

Keywords: Memories, David Spencer Chapman


CHAPMAN, D.S. was born on August 31, 1942 on Vancouver, Canada. Son of Margaret and Harry Chapman and part of a large family with 4 more siblings. Married with Inga Hahn, who know at University British Columbia. David Chapman passed away unexpectedly on 10 March in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Dave was an extraordinary researcher, teacher, mentor, and administrator.  He loved to demonstrate what could be accomplished using the back of an envelope, a pencil, and a little brainpower.  His research in geophysics spanned the globe, using measurements of temperature to understand topics from plate tectonics to climate change.  His teaching, from equations on napkins discussed during coffee breaks to his classroom demonstrations to his exemplary example of ethical behavior, left an indelible mark on thousands of students and colleagues around the world. As Dean of the Graduate School he engineered changes to programs to the benefit of all students.  We all will miss Dave and his ever upbeat attitude towards problems large and small.  In honor him, the UTAH University create the Chapman Found supports unique educational and research opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students. He receive too the Rosenblatt Prize at UTAH University.